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Presby Preschool:

Thank you for your interest in Presby Preschool. Enjoy yourself as you browse this site to become acquainted with us. Presby Preschool has many exciting programs to offer!

After visiting this site, if you would like more information, please call 574.267.4034 or email.

Sandi Lancaster,

Our Philosophy


We believe a preschool should provide an exciting program of enrichment for the total child. That’s why we’ve designed a program that encourages growth in the following areas:

Spiritual—teaching and modeling Biblical concepts, morals, and values in the classroom and chapel.

Social—helping children gain a respect for themselves and others—encouraging them to interact with teachers and develop friendships.

Emotional—providing experiences that encourage independence, responsibility, and self-worth.

Physical—developing good coordination and strength in small and large muscles during the normal classroom routine or in PE class.

Cognitive—encouraging excitement in learning to prepare them for kindergarten and to build a foundation for a lifetime of learning.